Open House

Monday, December 14 - Wednesday, December 16

Our annual Virtual Open House offers a behind-the-scenes look at America’s first trade school. Learn more about our programs in traditional trades, engage with a like-minded community of artisans, and enjoy a range of virtual activities in woodworking, jewelry making, bookbinding, musical instruments, and more.

Free, open to the public, and 100% virtual.

The event is over, but you can revisit the event with recordings below!

Beginning on Monday, December 14 and running through Wednesday, December 16, we offered a range of virtual programming that included an interactive building tour, live student demonstrations, panel discussions with our community, classes to participate in, and more! Participants joined us live and asked questions throughout, enjoying a fun and informative three-day series of events at America’s first trade school. We enjoyed showcasing what NBSS has to offer in our safe, effective, and professional hands-on training environment.

NBSS is now accepting Full-Time program applications for the next three start dates in February, March, and September 2021. Check out the Admissions and Financial Aid Info Session at 12:00 noon on Tuesday, December 15 to learn more.

Watch a Preview of the Event

At-a-Glance Schedule

10:00 am — Welcome10:00 am — Welcome
10:00 am — Welcome
10:10 am — Tour/Demo
Locksmithing & Security Technology
10:10 am — Tour/Demo
Cabinet & Furniture Making
10:10 am — Tour/Demo
11:00 am — Tour/Demo
Preservation Carpentry
11:00 am — Tour/Demo
Piano Technology (Basic)
11:00 am — Tour/Demo
Violin Making & Repair
11:45 am — Handmade Feature
11:45 am — Handmade Feature

12:00 noon — Panel Discussion
NBSS: Past, Present, & Future
12:00 noon — Info Session for
Admissions & Financial Aid

12:00 noon — Alumni Shop Tours
& Tool Making Demo

1:00 pm — Tour/Demo
1:00 pm — Tour/Demo
Piano Technology (Advanced)
1:00 pm — Tour/Demo
Jewelry Making & Repair
2:00 pm — Free Class!
Folded Book Follow-Along
2:00 pm — Free Class!
Piano Technician Toolkit Tour
2:00 pm — Free Class!
Clean Your Jewelry at Home
2:30 pm — Free Class!
Seat Weaving Show & Tell
2:30 pm — Free Class!
Introduction to SketchUp

Monday, December 14

Watch Day 1

Tuesday, December 15

Watch Day 2

Wednesday, December 16

Watch Day 3

We also held an Alumni Roundtable Discussion on Thursday, December 17 at 7:00 pm, part of our In the Making series. Watch the full event here.

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