Lives & Livelihoods Campaign

Together, we made a promise to the future. It was a promise to possibility, to excellence, and to the students who will be come leaders in traditional trade and craft.

NBSS set the goals in 2015. Over four years, you helped to fulfill the promise through the Lives & Livelihoods campaign.


total endowed funds by December 31, 2018, enabling more student aid


freeze annual tuition increases by 2020, and limit future increases moving forward


scholarship awards for our talented students each year by 2024

Your response as a community was truly inspiring. Ultimately, we exceeded our ambitious goal by building an endowment of $20,560,847.

With your help, our current and future graduates will be free to pursue careers based on their passions, with less of a financial burden. They will go on to shape the future of fine craftsmanship, become the next generation of leaders in their fields, and make a tangible, lasting difference in communities near and far.

Thank you for your generous support.

Thank you for supporting our students.

An education in craft is as important today as it was when we were founded 1881.

For over 135 years, the mission of North Bennet Street School has been to provide vocational training as a path to self-sufficiency and a meaningful, productive life. That mission is no less relevant today than it was at the School's inception. At a time when many question the assumption that a four-year college education is essential for success in life, when student loan debt is over $1.2 trillion, and when 48% of college graduates are working jobs that do not require a four-year degree, we offer an alternative path to a rewarding career.

North Bennet Street School is a treasure for the City of Boston. I share the School's commitment to an accessible, quality education, and to ensuring that everyone has a fair shot at realizing their full potential.


Cabinet & Furniture Making instruction

As the preeminent school of craft, we provide the highest quality education possible.

Our educational philosophy is focused on hand-skills training that is by nature intensive, intimate, and community oriented. Ultimately, our method seeks to teach the “whole person” how to make a living and lead a fuller life.

We teach skills that will always be needed, for jobs that cannot be exported.

Scholarship aid is essential if we are to accept the best, brightest, and broadest possible range of students.

With less student debt, the next generation of our graduates will be free to pursue careers based on their passions, not their financial obligations.

Campaign Goal: $1M scholarships per year

Providing our students with excellence in education comes at a cost.

It is not realistic to expect an individual to embark upon a career in craft, with modest expectations for financial rewards in the early years, to assume this level of debt.

Excellence in education comes at a cost.

With your help, we will carry the School's mission into the future.

By lowering the cost of enrollment, hardworking students can focus on their education rather than paying the bills while in School. With less student debt, the next generation of our graduates will be free to pursue careers based on their passions, not their financial obligations.

With your help, we will be able to provide a high quality education in craft.

Thanks to Our Generous Donors

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Campaign Committee

David Ambler CF ’11
McKey Berkman BB ’11
Brian Broderick
Bruce Dayton Co-Chair
Janet English

Marc Margulies
Patrick Muecke CF ’97
Danielle Muecke
Nick Offerman
Genie Thorndike CF ’16 Co-Chair


Please contact our Development Department at or 617-227-0155 x172.