Violin Making & Repair is learned through hands-on work. The program follows the highest standards of the craft and teaches repair, restoration, and set-up of stringed instruments.

Over the course of this three-year program, you’ll build six violins and a viola. You keep and can sell all instruments you build. Students, alumni, and faculty regularly receive international recognition for the craftsmanship and tonality of their instruments.

Graduates are trained to work in an instrument shop and are prepared to repair and set-up stringed instruments and bows to meet the standards of the craft and the needs of a professional or student musician. After training in instrument making and repair, the graduates are prepared for employment in an established shop where they can develop expertise and gain experience in the more refined aspects of restoration and instrument making.

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Jess Fox VM '06

By enrolling at NBSS, I became part of a vast legacy of traditional craft, a legacy that is strongly felt in the school. It's rare to find an institution where great value is placed upon tradition, time-honored technique and plain old hard work.

Jess Fox VM '06