Graduates of the Locksmithing & Security Technology program trained to perform all basic locksmithing tasks with minimum supervision to satisfy customer demand and to meet standards set by the trade.

They understand how to service and repair all mechanical residential and commercial door-locking devices, set up a master key system, install locks, service automotive locks and open safes without knowing the combination. Graduates are familiar with electronic and mechanical access control systems.

You’ll learn locksmithing through a combination of classroom theory, lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on benchwork, surveying, and installation. Classes meet five days a week in the mornings, and after your second semester, you can work part-time while continuing to learn the trade in class.

Questions? Contact Rob O'Dwyer, Director of Admissions, at 617-227-0155 x111 or
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Mary Jane Clark LK '09

On my first day of locksmithing I knew—this was exactly for me. I absolutely loved it. For my entire life I've been nursing my mechanical abilities and, with locksmithing, I could immerse myself in that clear-cut world where if something breaks, you fix it and the job is done.

Mary Jane Clark LK '09