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Jewelry Making & Repair

The two-year, comprehensive Jewelry Making & Repair program prepares students to become professionals in the industry. The program attracts students from around the world who share a love of materials, artistic expression, and working with their hands to make jewelry that transcends time.

Jewelry fabrication and stone setting requires exceptional hand skills, focus, and a thorough understanding of materials. Throughout your studies, you’ll continuously challenge yourself and fine-tune your skills. You’ll create and repair jewelry of lasting value using traditional techniques and modern technology.

You’ll work on increasingly complex projects to develop proficiency in:

  • Using a full range of jeweler's hand-tools
  • Identification of metals and stones
  • Metal forming techniques
  • Polishing, soldering, and engraving
  • Laser welding
  • Silver, gold, and platinum fabrication
  • Wax model making
  • Jewelry repair
  • Advanced jewelry construction
  • Stone setting

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Program Details

  • Curriculum: Investigate what students learn over the course of the two-year program.
  • Facilities: Virtually walk through the program space and bench room.
  • Faculty: Meet our talented instructors, who are experts in their field.
  • Tuition: Check out tuition, costs, class hours, schedule, and program length.
  • Careers: Explore the variety of careers available to Jewelry Making & Repair graduates and the employment outlook.
  • Profiles: Read about our alumni, including how an education at NBSS opened doors for them.
  • Jewelry Making & Repair brochure: Download at-a-glance details.

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Contact Rob O'Dwyer, Director of Admissions, at 617-227-0155 x111 or
Colleen Matthews

"The amount of precision and the quality of work the program demands was like nothing I had ever encountered. I completed projects that I never thought I could make."

Colleen Matthews JM '12

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Jewelry Making & Repair News

A State-Of-The-Art Tradition

The intersection of technology and craft is fraught with misunderstanding, especially in an age of increasing automation. At NBSS though, the Jewelry Making & Repair program is proof that embracing visionary technology can enhance traditional handwork without replacing it. Under the leadership of Department Head Ann Cahoon JM '02, the program has acquired five new high-precision microscopes that allow students to more easily work on the complex designs that have become common in contemporary jewelry.

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Making Fine (Not Fast) Jewelry

Current Jewelry Making & Repair student Kailey Maraglia JM '21 left a corporate apprenticeship to pursue jewelry making training at NBSS. Though working quickly had been highly valued at her previous job, her first few days in the JM program felt like a dramatic slam on the brakes and a parallel to her time in the Marine Corps. Read how through making a twisted wire ring, Kailey learned "that slowing down was the only way I could really pay attention to the work my hands were doing."

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Shop Tour: e. scott originals in Somerville, MA

Take a virtual tour of e. scott originals, a boutique jewelry store in Somerville, MA owned and operated by Emily Scott Surette JM '07. The cozy 415 sq ft space is filled with vintage furniture and hand-crafted jewelry of all kinds for sale. A small showroom and consultation area fill the front, and you can see straight through to Emily's workspace in the back. She has operated this boutique storefront for nine years, growing into a local go-to for unique, handmade, custom jewelry.

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Timeless and Original: Emily Scott Surette JM '07

The work of Emily Scott Surette JM '07 aims to be timeless: a ready-to-wear style that's functional while still elegant, found everywhere from the hands of local brides-to-be, to the inside of swag bags at the Oscars. Her dedication to the craft keeps Emily going, and her jewelry business thriving. "Working with your hands has a bearing on your self-esteem," Emily says. "Making a tangible product that you can hold and can say 'I made that' is huge. It does a lot for someone's self-confidence. I wouldn't trade it for anything."

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Video: Intelligence of the Hands

"The more you work with your hands, I think the more respect you have for your hands. I think that people who don't work with their hands might not understand exactly how hands learn, but hands do learn." Watch this video of NBSS President Miguel Gómez-Ibáñez CF '99 describing how the hands and mind work together when honing your craft.

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