Cabinet & Furniture Making

Our two-year Cabinet & Furniture Making program teaches fine craftsmanship through projects incorporating 18th- and 19th-century furniture examples. With these traditional models as a foundation, you’ll be able to design and build furnishings of any era you choose.

As a custom furniture maker at NBSS, you’ll learn how to use and maintain both hand tools and power equipment. You’ll estimate costs, choose materials, and prepare working drawings for each project. You’ll cut various joints, turn, carve, and bend wood, apply marquetry or veneers. You’ll develop the knowledge, skills, and confidence necessary to create thoughtful furniture pieces to exacting standards.

The expansive program space includes a large bench room, demonstration area, library, and finishing room. Students take regular field trips to view private and museum collections, and to visit the shops of prominent local woodworkers.

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Cabinet & Furniture Making News

In the Making: Kolin Schmidt

Cabinet & Furniture Making student Kolin Schmidt CF '21 is an artisan who can't sit idle. When he found himself quarantined inside a few months ago, he refocused his purpose as only someone at NBSS would: by building himself a shavehorse, foraging felled trees near his home, carving spoons in a local park, and even designing his own typeface. We talked with him about his creative projects and how he's made the best of an otherwise challenging situation.

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Home Shop Tour: Kolin Schmidt in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Cabinet & Furniture Making student Kolin Schmidt CF '21 shows us around his home shop in Iowa, which his grandfather built in the late 1960s for his own hobby woodworking projects. Kolin got creative to keep woodworking when our building closed, carving spoons in his Boston apartment before deciding to head back home to Iowa, where he could take on more extensive projects. He explains that even though the shop has a few quirks and drawbacks, it's been a great space for him to get work done.

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In the Making: Eve Radovsky

For recent Cabinet & Furniture Making graduate Eve Radovsky CF '20, time away from the bench at NBSS has meant exploring her many creative pursuits like knitting and baking, as well as walking, relaxing, and generally allowing herself the time to breathe. It's good practice, and helps fuel her maker mind—inspiration for the finely crafted furniture she creates. In this conversation, we talk about Eve's education and work before NBSS, and what led her to the School—all while enjoying some homemade cookies.

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In the Making: Matt Narkevicius

A graduating student of the Cabinet & Furniture Making program, Matt Narkevicius has leveraged his background and woodworking skills in an unusual way: by serving as an apprentice to a master of harp restoration at Swanson Harp Company in Boston, which has proved essential to keeping both his hands and his mind busy during our building closure. Watch a virtual visit with Matt at the harp shop to discuss his current day-to-day, plus an unusual piece of furniture he recently completed, fondly named the "Stradachairius."

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In the Making: Jackson Fairlie

Jackson Fairlie CF '20 was the first new student to get the tools required for his program, and that commitment to learning his craft never stopped. He often arrived before the building opened, and was among the last people to leave at the end of the day. After months of training though, Jackson had to leave much of his work behind when he made the tough decision to go back home to Australia when our building closed. Kristen Odle spoke with Jackson remotely in April, to see how things were going for him "down under," with much of the world turned upside down.

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Aspen Golann CF '19

"The best part of my education was finding myself in the craft. I was developing technical skills and my own personal style in tandem."

Aspen Golann CF '19

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