School Protocols | 2021-22

What is the School’s current status as it relates to COVID-19?

  • The School has established a formal policy on vaccination as a requirement for work or training at NBSS. View more details on our Health & Safety Page.
  • Our full-time programs are operating at full capacity, with in-person instruction—with sensible precautions and other interventions in place.
  • Our Store is open to the public, though the rest of the building is reserved for students, staff, and faculty only. Only a limited number of faculty–staff guests are allowed.
  • Continuing Education classes are resuming in January 2022, with protocols and precautions for those students as well.
  • We will keep our community updated regularly with any changes or issues that may arise.
  • Frequently asked questions are provided on the pages linked below. For any additional questions, please contact Thank you.

Updated 8/26/21 (Updated FAQs on all pages, updated Health & Safety Guide pdf)

Keeping NBSS open is essential to our mission, the education and training that we deliver, and the future of the School. Still, we proceed with great caution as we watch closely the trends in Boston and the surrounding communities. Our response and contingency plans will flex and adapt as necessary to maintain the health and safety of everyone at NBSS.

We will continuously work to provide a safe, healthy, and productive environment for everyone at NBSS. However, it will take the commitment and dedication of our entire community to see us through this challenging moment. Fortunately, the characteristics the situation demands—adaptability, problem-solving, creativity, and focus—are all natural to our work in craft and skilled trades.