Reopening NBSS

What is the School’s current status as it relates to COVID-19?

  • Following the lead of other higher-ed institutions, and out of care for our community, we’ve closed the building through the end of August.
  • During this time, there will be no continuing education or full-time classes, no events, and no access to the building for anyone other than full-time faculty and staff.
  • The School will reopen for in-person, full-time program instruction on a staggered schedule—with precautions, protocols, and other interventions in place—beginning in September.
  • We will keep our community updated regularly with any changes or issues that may arise. Please bookmark this page and the those linked below as each will provide the most up-to-date, relevant information we have.
  • Frequently asked questions are provided on the pages linked below. For any additional questions, please contact Thank you.

Updated 8/13/20 (New information on each of the pages linked below.)

Reopening NBSS is essential to our mission, the education and training that we deliver, and the future of the School. Still, we will proceed with great caution as we watch closely the trends in Boston and the surrounding communities. Our response and contingency plans will flex and adapt as necessary to maintain the health and safety of everyone at NBSS.

We will continuously work to provide a safe, healthy, and productive environment for everyone at NBSS. However, it will take the commitment and dedication of our entire community to see us through this challenging moment. Fortunately, the characteristics the situation demands—adaptability, problem-solving, creativity, and focus—are all natural to our work in craft and skilled trades.

The pages linked above provide more detail on our plans for Reopening NBSS. We encourage our entire community to review the Health & Safety page, which provides both general and specific guidelines, interventions, and protocols for mitigating the spread of disease. The Training & Education page will be useful for both full-time and continuing education students who will train both in-person and remotely at NBSS. Lastly, the Working at NBSS page offers guidance for staff and faculty in their roles, as well as additional information relevant to their health.

These pages will be continually updated with new information as needed. For questions not addressed in the FAQs on these pages, please contact