Up Close II: Books and Furniture
NBSS, 150 North Street, Boston MA 02109

As part of the School's 20th Annual Celebration of Craft, NBSS is hosting two interpretive tours led by makers in our Student & Alumni Exhibit.

In this second session, two NBSS graduates will lead an intimate group of attendees through their own unique process of creating highly detailed, technical work for the Exhibit. Bookbinding alumna Erin Fletcher BB '12 will discuss her custom bindings for the books Suspended Whispers and Roadkills: A Collection of Prose and Poetry. Cabinet & Furniture Making alumnus Jeremy Tritchler CF '18 will share his process for creating the exemplary Music Stand on display. Concept, inspiration, materials, fabrication process, and finishing will all be discussed, with questions encouraged throughout.



  • Jeremy Tritchler CF '18, Cabinet & Furniture Making program graduate
  • Erin Fletcher BB '12, Bookbinding program graduate
  • Part of the 20th Annual Celebration of Craft at NBSS. For questions, contact or 617-227-0155. Thank you.