Lecture: Classical Proportions in 18th Century American Furniture Design
NBSS, 150 North Street, Boston MA 02109

The notion that 18th century American furniture is designed with good proportions in mind is well known. What is less clear is what is meant when a piece is deemed "well-proportioned."

The article "Classical Proportions in 18th Century American Furniture Design" in the 2017 American Furniture journal attempts to clarify the subject with the analysis of two New England case pieces. Written by NBSS Cabinet & Furniture Making program graduates Will Neptune CF '81 and Steve Brown CF '90 (also a Faculty member), the article describes how these pieces reveal rational proportional relationships that directly compare to relationships found in the development of the Classical Orders as set forth by Thomas Chippendale and all of the other 18th century furniture pattern books.

Speaker: Steve Brown CF '90, Graduate and Member of the Cabinet & Furniture Making Faculty

Part of the 20th Annual Celebration of Craft at NBSS. For questions, please contact or 617-227-0155. Thank you.