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Earth-Bound Building

In the Making: Earth-Bound Building

Thursday, November 18, 2021 from 1:00 - 2:00 pm ET
Live streamed from NBSS
Free event

Earth-Bound Building is a collective of skilled builders, craftspeople, and farmers, founded in 2014. Sprung from the Black Dirt Farm Collective, who believe that functional, durable, and ecological farm and land infrastructure lies at the heart of a just and thriving sustainable food system.

Today, Earth-Bound Building incorporates the principles of ecological building, craft, and cooperative economics to their fundamental mission and practice. They specialize in timber framing, natural building (think straw-bale and clay plaster!), and agricultural infrastructure that serves the needs of our farming and rural communities, and offers functional and aesthetic value.

Founder, designer, and lead builder Blain Snipstal will join us along with Michael Burrey, NBSS Preservation Carpentry Instructor and artisan, in a conversation about sustainable building methods, lyme technique, and the increased cost and rise in popularity of green building.


This conversation is part of In the Making, a public programs series where we connect with a range of new voices, fields, and perspectives. Learn more about In the Making, and view a full list of participants, at the series homepage here.