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NBSS, 150 North Street, Boston MA 02109
Binding by Erin Fletcher BB '12
Join us for an evening to get a closer look at two bindings from Drop Dead Gorgeous: Fine Bindings of La Prose du Transsiberien exhibition. Exhibitors Erin Fletcher BB '12 and Sue Doggett will present their process for crafting a design binding and discuss the challenges in binding the unusual format of the La Prose text block.
Binding by Sue Doggett

For NBSS alumna Erin Fletcher, creating a design is the first hurdle. The design will determine how to proceed, what structure is appropriate and what materials are necessary. Inspiration can come fast and in great quantity, while other times there is no spark or connection. Using her binding of La Prose and other past work as a guide, Erin will discuss her process for designing, exploration and execution.

Sue Doggett will talk about how she approaches the design and construction of a binding and her interest in working with the 'complete book'. She will also consider how, being such a historically significant artist's book, La Prose presented a challenge both technically and creatively and to what extent these factors influence each other in the expression of ideas.


Images: (above) binding by Erin Fletcher BB '12, (left) binding by Sue Doggett