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Preserving a Piece of Local History

When a Topsfield, Massachusetts resident wanted to restore his historic barn, a structure he felt "represented the character and spirit" of his town, he turned to North Bennet Street School for help. Preservation Carpentry students disassembled the barn, refurbished as many pieces as they could, replaced what they couldn't, and reassembled the barn on the owner's property. The job not only offered a learning opportunity to students, but helped a homeowner preserve a local historic structure at a cost that he could afford.

Sarah Turner: The Next President of NBSS

After a rigorous nationwide search, NBSS has found a dynamic, thoughtful leader who can articulate the value of a skills-based education, and build on the institution's 137-year tradition of excellence. We welcome visionary educator and artist Sarah Turner as the next President of North Bennet Street School.

What If There Were No Skilled Workers?

It's not an overstatement to say that the success of our economy stems from the skilled workers who have built the infrastructure we rely on each and every day. And, it is skilled labor who has kept that infrastructure sound and working for generation after generation of Americans. There has always been a need for skilled workers, and there will always be a need. While automation is stripping many workers of their jobs, the demand for skilled labor is higher than ever. In fact, the ability to work with our hands is perhaps job security like no other.

Read the 2018 Annual Report

Each year, we reflect on the success of North Bennet Street School's entire community with our Annual Report, and the latest issue for fiscal year 2018 is now available. Read about the accomplishments in each of our programs including new scholarships and school partnerships established, students who recreated a lost piece of history, and notable alumni who were honored in their fields.

Creating a Bookbinding Legacy

Bookbinder, collector, exhibit organizer, and philanthropist Louisa "Lisa" Hunnewell von Clemm was a supportive, encouraging member of the NBSS Board of Directors for over 25 years. Her considerable impact on the School continues to be felt in meaningful ways, including the new Lisa von Clemm Scholarship established this year in her memory. As an endowed, need-based fund intended specifically for Bookbinding students, it will ensure the program continues to thrive for years to come.