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A Mission Mindset: Veterans at NBSS

As Veterans Day nears, we're proud of each and every veteran who has made the decision to call NBSS their educational "home." Just as they've benefited from an NBSS education, we've benefited by having veterans as an integral part of our School's culture and heritage since 1920.

Hand-Built Sheds for Sale

NBSS Preservation Carpentry students craft hand-built sheds each fall as part of their first-year curriculum, to practice basic construction techniques. You can own one of this year's hand-crafted sheds – there are two available for purchase! Find out more details here.

Video: Intelligence of the Hands

"The more you work with your hands, I think the more respect you have for your hands. I think that people who don't work with their hands might not understand exactly how hands learn, but hands do learn." Watch this video of NBSS President Miguel Gómez-Ibáñez CF '99 describing how the hands and mind work together when honing your craft.

Prep Work: Advice for Prospective Luthiers

Do you dream of making musical instruments for a living? Strings Magazine offers advice for those considering violin making school from two established luthiers, including Julia Felix, who attended our Violin Making & Repair program.

Dispatches from Miguel: The Essence of NBSS

With the departure of President Miguel Gómez-Ibáñez CF '99 at the end of this year, we couldn't think of a better time to reflect on his legacy. In this six-part series based on Miguel's writing over 12 years, we highlight his insights on hand skills, the future of education, living a good life, and more. Read part one here.