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New! Guide to Financial Aid at NBSS

Getting an education is a significant financial undertaking, and our team is dedicated to helping make your dreams of attending America's first trade school a reality. To help you better understand the process of funding your education, we put together a Guide to Financial Aid at NBSS. This guide defines key aspects of financial aid, outlines the steps to apply for federal, state, private, and NBSS funding, and has a few examples of what an NBSS financial aid award could look like.

Check Out the Latest Issue of Benchmarks

Our yearly magazine is packed with great stories and updates from the School. Read about women in the building trades, new scholarships and financial aid options, reflections from President Sarah Turner, a one-of-a-kind restoration project, shop tours, what we're reading this summer, new staff members, and much more. Read the full issue here.

Women in the Building Trades

In recent years, there has been an uptick in programs encouraging women to change their perception of the trades. These new and expanded strategies are an effort to help women see what was once a male-dominated industry as a viable career option. We explore the changing landscape of the building trades in this series – while also celebrating some of the talented women who began their careers at NBSS and are making an impact in their fields.

Women in the Building Trades: Tracy Chim Rines PC '09

After graduating from NBSS, Tracy Chim Rines PC '09 went on to open her own business, TLC Woodworking. For the past ten years, she has specialized in making and restoring custom storm windows and doors. "I couldn't imagine doing something else with my life right now," Tracy says. "I am happy to go to work, and I look forward to spending time with my coworkers and being in my shop where I feel at ease. I remember when I was afraid to pick up the tools, and now it's just second nature." Meet a tradeswoman featured in our Women in the Building Trades series.

Women in the Building Trades: Michelle Her CA '18

Before becoming enrolling in the NBSS Carpentry program, Michelle Her CA '18 worked as a United States Navy Seabee (Naval Construction Force), building gun ranges, warehouses, schools, and pavilions. Today, Michelle works as a carpenter for Columbia Contracting, performing the majority of her work in greater Boston. Meet another tradeswoman featured in our Women in the Building Trades series.