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The Face of the Neighborhood

NBSS was recently awarded significant funding to restore and repair exterior masonry at its 150 North Street facility. The School occupies a highly visible space at the entryway to Boston's North End neighborhood, and the result of this work will preserve the building's historic appearance for decades to come.

Pop-Up Workshop: Experience A Low-Tech Lunch

NBSS recently took on a vacant retail space in Boston's Downtown Crossing for a temporary showcase of traditional trades. Offered to NBSS by Historic Boston Inc (HBI)—which owns the Freedom Trail-adjacent site—the small storefront space features demonstrations in bookbinding and woodworking, and will be open through Friday, December 20, 2019.

Class Project: Stair Building

Perhaps one of the more misunderstood aspects of trades, particularly in carpentry, is the precision it takes to realize accurate and functional results. This is highlighted when taking on projects like stair building, which may seem deceptively easy to the untrained eye but is in fact somewhat complex. Read more about this annual student project from recent Carpentry graduate Amanda Gray CA '19.

Reproducing Emily Dickinson's Furniture: Featured in Woodworker's Journal

Our Cabinet & Furniture Making students craft new pieces of furniture using historic designs as their guide, but every once in a while, they are asked to recreate an exact replica of a historic piece. In 2013, two then-current students reproduced the writing desk and chest of drawers used by renowned poet Emily Dickinson. Woodworker's Journal revisited the story in their March/April 2019 issue, relating this one-of-a-kind opportunity for graduates Boyd Allen CF '13 and Caleb Schultz CF '13.

New! Guide to Financial Aid at NBSS

Getting an education is a significant financial undertaking, and our team is dedicated to helping make your dreams of attending America's first trade school a reality. To help you better understand the process of funding your education, we put together a Guide to Financial Aid at NBSS. This guide defines key aspects of financial aid, outlines the steps to apply for federal, state, private, and NBSS funding, and has a few examples of what an NBSS financial aid award could look like.

Open House 2019 Join us November 1 & 2 and learn what NBSS is all about.  <https://info.nbss.edu/hubfs/Financial%20Aid/NBSS%20Financial%20Aid%20Digital%20Guide.pdf>