About NBSS

North Bennet Street School's mission is to train students for careers in traditional trades that use hand skills in concert with evolving technology, to preserve and advance craft traditions, and to promote greater appreciation of craftsmanship.

The School's intensive, hands-on training helps students from around the world to achieve meaningful lives and livelihoods. We encourage individual growth and curiosity, along with technical mastery and a commitment to excellence.


Pauline Agassiz Shaw, the School’s founder, was a visionary educator and supporter of the "Sloyd" system of manual training. This Swedish method focuses on the development of character, intellectual capacity, and hand skills, which includes an understanding of tools, materials, and processes. It also encourages a great sense of care and a commitment to excellence. Ultimately, the method seeks to teach the “whole person” how to make a living and how to lead a fuller life. Today, the philosophy of Sloyd remains at the heart of the School. View a timeline of our history.


We offer both Full-Time programs, for those seeking intensive, career-oriented study, and Continuing Education classes, for those eager to learn a new skill or perfect an existing practice. We also partner with other institutions to teach traditional trades and fine craftsmanship to children and young adults.

We’ve used the same teaching approach for more than a century, but our course design is always evolving. We shape our course content around the recommendations of our students, graduates, employers, and artisans. Our goal is to prepare you for a successful career, where you’ll use hand skills to build objects that last.


We’re accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC), a private, nonprofit accrediting organization. They ensure education quality and integrity in postsecondary career schools. They accredit more than 800 schools in the U.S. and Puerto Rico, serving more than 250,000 students each year.