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On February 6, join the entire NBSS community in a virtual celebration of our visionary founder, Pauline Agassiz Shaw. Help us share the history, stories, and images of our community's impact, while championing our founding principles and values.

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Founder's Day, Part II: Sloyd & Training The Whole Person

From the beginning, North Bennet Street School was a pioneer in advocating the value of hand skills training to society. The manual arts training movement known in Sweden as Educational Sloyd (slojd means 'craft' or 'manual skill') was brought to this country in large part through the efforts of our founder, Pauline Agassiz Shaw.

Founder's Day, Part I: A Short History of Pauline Agassiz Shaw

Learn more about Pauline Agassiz Shaw, the Swiss-born daughter of a Harvard University naturalist and stepdaughter of the founding president of Radcliffe College. Discover how her intellectually rich upbringing, but limited financial means, infused within her a respect for learning, and how she became a social and educational pioneer, championing such efforts as public kindergartens, day nurseries, voting rights, and manual arts training for men, women, and children of all backgrounds.

Part one of a four-part series on the origins of North Bennet Street School.

Born on February 6, 1841, Pauline Agassiz Shaw was a pioneering philanthropist, educator, and social reformer who significantly impacted not only our community, but also the history of Boston and the nation. Her many accomplishments include opening the country's first kindergartens, funding the suffragette movement, and developing settlement houses to help immigrants adjust to their new country. In addition, she founded America's first trade school, whose mission lives on today through our unique training, programs, and community at NBSS.

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