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Sean Hardeo CA '06

At NBSS, you get a big picture perspective. You know what's supposed to happen before and after. Everybody should learn this way... I don't look at the world the same way now that I know how to build a house. That's priceless.
Ken Craggs CF '07

The biggest obstacle I faced before applying to NBSS was my own doubt. After I decided to go for it, everything fell into place... The Cabinet and Furniture Making program gave me the skills to make whatever I dream up. It was an excellent investment in my life and career.
Brent Hull PC '93

There is no other place to get this type of training. If you want to set yourself apart, NBSS will give you more credibility and knowledge than you could get with 10 years in the field. It is the best money you will ever spend.

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The Future of Locksmithing – It's All About Security

The role of the locksmith is not just to open doors, but to maintain the security of entire buildings. They must be able to learn and implement new technologies in locksmithing, in addition to mastering traditional techniques. So, much like a lock itself, the profession of locksmithing is complex and has many moving parts.

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Check Out the Latest Issue of Benchmarks

Our twice-yearly publications features great stories and updates from the School. Read about student perspectives and everyday experiences, what our community considers their favorite tools, how alumni are mentoring the next generation, and more!

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Peanut Butter Jelly Time
Kevin Derrick
It's Thursday at lunchtime, and North Bennet Street School students crowd both sides of three long folding tables in the expansive Windgate Gallery. They've been summoned to the space over the School's loudspeaker just moments ago, and before them are a mouth-watering array of fixings.
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Marine Corps to Maker School
Grant Burger CF ’17

"I daily consider the value of hard work, a thorough plan, and an ability to anticipate possible failures. In the military, these lessons are burned deep into a soldier's subconscious— failure to learn them can have deadly effects. In the world of woodworking and fine craftsmanship, it's your product, your reputation, and your fingers that hang in the balance."

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Engaging the Next Generation
Miguel Gómez-Ibáñez CF ’99

Message From the President: Developing and nurturing the next generation of makers and craft artists is central to the mission of North Bennet Street School. This past October it was the subject of a panel on craft education that NBSS President, Miguel Gómez-Ibáñez, moderated at an American Craft Council conference in Omaha, Nebraska. The panel focused on the need to open craft schools—and the field itself—to a wider audience.

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