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Sean Hardeo CA '06

At NBSS, you get a big picture perspective. You know what's supposed to happen before and after. Everybody should learn this way... I don't look at the world the same way now that I know how to build a house. That's priceless.
Ken Craggs CF '07

The biggest obstacle I faced before applying to NBSS was my own doubt. After I decided to go for it, everything fell into place... The Cabinet & Furniture Making program gave me the skills to make whatever I dream up. It was an excellent investment in my life and career.
Brent Hull PC '93

There is no other place to get this type of training. If you want to set yourself apart, NBSS will give you more credibility and knowledge than you could get with 10 years in the field. It is the best money you will ever spend.
Geraldine Kish Perry JM '00

I couldn't be more happy with my choice to change careers and attend NBSS. Before enrolling the Jewelry program, I didn't feel tangibly engaged in my work. And now I make things of lasting value and beauty. I feel pride in and enthusiasm for my work, and I do it with integrity.

Nikolaus Meller CF '94

It goes without saying that without the great people I met and the help and guidance I received along the way, none of this could have happened. NBSS is an integral part in my story. The time there taught me that if I do something well, the rest will fall into place.
Mary Jane Clark LK '09

I couldn't say enough positive things about the School and the Locksmithing program. It's allowed me to live in a beautiful place, have control of my work schedule and find a healthier balance in my life. NBSS gave me the skills I needed to begin a new career.

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News & Events

Graduation 2021

Finishing the requirements for graduation at NBSS takes hard work, commitment, and dedication at the best of times. The students in our 2021 graduating class completed their intensive programs during an extremely tumultuous year, staying the course through a building closure, remote learning, and extended in-person instruction. Simply stated, we couldn't be more proud of all that these graduates accomplished. On June 4, we celebrated our newest alumni during a live-streamed ceremony at Old North Church.

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In The Making: Paolo Brandolisio

On Thursday, May 27, 2021, we livestreamed from Venice, Italy with Paolo Brandolisio, one of only a handful of remaining makers of the fórcola, a specific part of a gonola. Joined by translator Emma Holland and guide Sebastian Rauch, the event was a fascinating opportunity to hear from a master craftsman himself on his process and tools, and to be invited inside his workshop, positioned right on a Venetian canal. Watch the full conversation here.

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In the Making: Boston Design Week

NBSS, America's first trade school, is known globally for a range of programs and courses, and hand-based craft and trades, helping people achieve meaningful careers—or just learn new skills. Event hosts Kristen Odle-Devine and Rob O'Dwyer walked us through a behind-the-scenes virtual tour using our new 360-degree model. Watch the full event here.

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Jewelry Design School vs. Bench Jewelry Training - What's the Difference?
Suzanne Murdoch

If you love the beauty of a well-crafted and unique piece of jewelry, a career in jewelry making may be the perfect fit for you. But, beyond appreciation, jewelry making requires specialized skills. How do you get the training you need? Two educational approaches are a jewelry design school, or a program focused on the skills a bench jeweler will need, such as the Jewelry Making & Repair program at NBSS. What's the difference? Read more here.

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