Student Services

The Office of Student Life and Career Services assists students, prospective students and graduates with  housing resources, career job placement, information on health insurance and more.


North Bennet Street School does not have dorms or residence halls and no school-owned housing. What we do have is a central Boston location in a vibrant residential neighborhood, accessible by public transportation to dozens of neighborhoods and local communities. The Student Life and Career Services Office has created some helpful resources to assist students during their search for housing.

Job Placement

Training students for careers in traditional trades is at the very heart of the mission of North Bennet Street School. The Director of Student Life and Career Services works actively with students and graduates to assist them in actualizing their career goals. One-on-one help is provided preparing the professional tools needed for a successful job search (e.g., resumes, cover letters, and portfolios) and in identifying potential employers. Job listings from employers hoping to hire NBSS graduates are shared with students and alumni via the password protected Job Bank. Information on the Job Bank and Commission Listings for students and alumni is on the website here