Student Life

The North Bennet Street School community is diverse, creative, friendly and talented. Students are recent high-school graduates, college transfer students and mid-life career changers. Students come from Boston, from surrounding New England states, from across the country and around the world.

Below and elsewhere on this website, you'll learn more about the School, the students who attend and the resources available to current and accepted students. Visiting the School, observing classes in session and talking to students is the best way to get a sense of the School community. If you have questions that are not answered by reading the material provided here, or if you simply want to talk to a person, call Sheree Brown, Director of Student Life and Career Services at 617-227-0155 ext 112.


North Bennet Street School does not have dorms or residence halls. What we do have is a central Boston location in a residential neighborhood and accessible by public transportation to dozens of neighborhoods and local communities. The Student Life and Career Services Office has created some helpful resources for students to utilize during their housing search.

jobs and career services

While you are in school, as you prepare for graduation and as an alumni, the Career Services Office is available to work with you to find a job related to your field of study. Visit the career pages of the website for information on careers related to each program. Internships in many of the programs offer opportunities - both paid and unpaid -to gain real-world experience in your chosen field. Current students and alumni are provided access to the job board and are encouraged to contact the Student Life and Career Services Office with questions and for job and career assistance.

Uniting all students is a love of traditional skills and a commitment to using hand skills to shape objects, careers and lives.

The student and alumni network

The NBSS community is rich with alumni. Many instructors are alumni, the president of the school and the provost are both alumni and there is an active alumni association. For current students, the alumni network provides invaluable insight into the professional lives and careers of graduates. Networking events are organized by the Alumni Association during the year and culminate in the annual alumni and student Holiday Party. Alumni often hire recent graduates to work in their businesses and both informal and formal mentoring provide support to students and graduates.

It's not all work

table hockey
The 2010 table hockey championship match

The hands-on focused work that is the core of the North Bennet Street School experience and what students value most is occasionally interrupted by the sound of a table hockey game or the laughter of students enjoying a quick snack before returning to their benches. Annual program-sponsored open house events provide opportunities for students to learn about the other programs and meet students outside their discipline. Evening activities provide more opportunities for fun and socializing. Trivia nights, visits to museums and bowling are regular activities.

If you've heard rumors about the NBSS school sport and you are a table-hockey fan, you will enjoy the annual elimination tournament that culminates in a championship match accompanied by the all-school-one-day band and a flyover of paper airplanes. In 2008, the tournament was covered by the WBUR program 'Only a Game.'  Download and listen to the radio show. 

Read more about table hockey at NBSS. 

Get to know the students.
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Jobs for students

In addition to a limited number of on-campus student worker positions, North Bennet Street School works with to help students find part-time work. 

Individuals and companies interested in hiring students for work can post them at  

Individuals who are interested in commissioning a student or graduate to work on a project related to their program (i.e. carpentry, jewelry, furniture making, piano tuning, etc.) should submit their commission project.

Employers seeking to hire NBSS graduates for work in their trade are encouraged to post jobs on the NBSS job board.

Read the story about Annette's internship.

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