Piano tuning

North Bennet Street Students perform piano tuning for individuals and institutions in the Boston area.

Once they have mastered piano tuning skills, students in the advanced piano technology program spend time tuning and doing minor repairs on pianos in the Boston area. 

"Tuning pianos for clients provides invaluable practice for Advanced Piano Technology students. Clients are thrilled with the service and attention to detail that North Bennet Street School students provide." says Debbie Cyr, Piano Technology instructor. 

Cost for NBSS piano technology student services

$85 - standard tuning
$30 - additional for pitch correction
$45 - for a consultation 

For information on having a North Bennet Street School student tune your piano, call/write 617-227-2357 / pianotuning@nbss.edu


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Piano tuning clients

In addition to individuals, North Bennet Street School students tune pianos at the following institutions:

  • Boston University
  • Brandeis University
  • Boston Public Schools