Carpentry projects for clients

Carpentry students work in the field on residential projects in the greater-Boston area.

North Bennet Street School's Carpentry program works with home owners and architects to build residential projects in the Boston area. Typical projects are less than one hour driving distance from Boston, have design drawings and permits, and flexible schedules. Clients receive superior work from students and master carpenter instructors for the cost of materials plus a modest day rate. Successful projects include additions, garages and small houses. 

Clients and/or designers can submit projects for consideration by completing the simple form below or call 617-227-0155 x200. Please share this information with others who may be interested.

Selection of Projects

In order to facilitate the training, carpentry projects are chosen on the basis of their educational value, the variety of work and suitability for an entire class to work safely. Suitable jobs are big enough to keep thirteen students busy and of a scope that insures completion within class time. The choice of projects is solely the responsibility of NBSS staff and faculty. In general, we are interested in additions, garages and large outbuildings. 


Once a project has been selected, NBSS provides an approximate starting date. However, since our objective is to provide a teaching and learning situation, we can not guarantee either an exact starting date or completion date. This is the trade off for the substantially lower labor cost in these projects. 

Responsibility of the Carpentry Class

The instructor is responsible for supervising students, providing schedules for materials and other subcontractors and insuring that carpentry work is done according to plans provided by the client and approved by the town building department. The class does not undertake electrical, plumbing, plastering, masonry, concrete, heating, painting or any other work not related directly to subjects outlined in the course curriculum. 

Responsibility of the Client 

1. All drawings and plans necessary for the permit. 
2. Obtaining all permits for the job. 
3. Daily service charge to NBSS for transportation and maintenance of tools. 
4. Being available in person or by phone during construction on site. 
5. Providing all materials on a timely basis. 
6. Hiring other trades people necessary for the completion of work, e.g. foundation work, 
7. Available phone, toilet facilities, and parking. 
8. Providing secure storage of tools and equipment, and payment for loss of tools from the 
9. Review of insurance coverage for any injuries sustained at the site. (School will provide 
insurance certificate upon request).


Carpentry project submission

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