Summer: The Perfect Time to Learn a New Skill

We offer a variety of courses for people of all skill levels, so whether you're a master with a hand plane or have never heard of one in your life, there's a program that's right for you. Our summer classes this year focus on many different areas of craftsmanship: book arts, woodworking, carpentry, jewelry making, and musical instruments. Take a look at some of our short-term summer courses in Boston.

Now Enrolling for Dream Career Education – Is This the Year You Take the Leap?
Many people don't realize their job isn't right for them until it's a bit late in the game. Whether they've found that their job isn't a good fit or they've simply gained the confidence to make a switch to a unique career, these prospective students come to us knowing that a "traditional" path isn't right for them. But why is it that vocational trade schools are often overlooked from the get-go, and what makes them a better alternative? The answers may surprise you.
Graduation 2017: Keynote speaker Eric Schandall PT '67

Commencement at North Bennet Street School is always full of smiling faces, proud families, and a strong sense of accomplishment. This year we welcomed 94 graduates into the alumni community. They come from a variety of backgrounds and hail from cities and towns around the world, representing one of the most diverse classes ever. Check out highlights from the day in video, photos, and more.

Nowell Gatica PT '10, PA '11: Piano Technician for the Van Cliburn Competition

Nowell Gatica PT '10, PA '11, Chief Piano Technician for Steinway Hall Dallas, is also the lead piano technician for the quadrennial Van Cliburn International Piano Competition, one of the most illustrious piano competitions in the world. Nowell was featured in a Dallas Star-Telegram article about this year's Competition.

A New Generation of Craftsmen – Why Skilled Trades Are on the Rise

In a world of digital technology and prefabricated objects, traditional trades are often overlooked. But there's a resurgence on the horizon. Perhaps due to a need for stability in an ever-changing economic and social climate, or perhaps due to a widespread nostalgia for a simpler way of life—interest in traditional craftsmanship and vocational trades is growing.

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