Preservation Carpentry Careers

The highly skilled graduates of the Preservation Carpentry program enjoy a wide a variety of careers including self employed restoration carpenters and owners of full service design/build companies.

A sample of jobs held by NBSS graduates:

  • Carpentry teacher at historic site
  • Chief of conservation
  • Lead carpenter
  • Owner, contractor and historic millwork provider
  • Owner, full service design/build contractor
  • Owner, historic sash and windows company
  • Owner, repair and restore double hung windows
  • Owner, restoration and custom millwork company
  • Owner’s project manager
  • Project leader and carpenter, exhibits specialist program
  • Project manager
  • Restoration carpenter
  • Shop supervisor

The following businesses and organizations have hired NBSS graduates in the past:

Job prospects

More than 90% of NBSS graduates are employed in related fields yet it is very difficult to find statistical employment data for a trade as specialized as Preservation Carpentry. The US Department of Labor tracks the broader category of Carpentry which includes, in the aggregate, many specialized trades. Please see Carpentry Careers for a general guide to employment conditions for all carpenters.

Specific job opportunities for Preservation Carpenters will vary by geographic location, depending upon the concentration of historic properties – the areas with the most properties  require more preservation carpenters. See the map below to view the distribution the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP).


Of course, there are many more structures than those in the National Registry that benefit from the skills of preservation carpenters.

Other resources

This list of “historic preservation” sites is not geared specifically to preservation carpenters, but it does include a wide range of opportunities, from professional to administrative to skilled trades.