Careers and Placement

The eight full-time programs at NBSS prepare graduates for a wide range of careers and jobs. Understanding how training in the unique and specialized craft disciplines translates into careers that support individuals and families is not always obvious. 


North Bennet Street School has a full-time Director of Student Life and Career Services, Dr. A. Sheree Brown. Sheree helps students and alumni find employment and helps employers and individuals with jobs and/or commissions find talented professionals. Visit the Jobs and Commission Center for more information.

Career information 

The career information provided on the linked pages to the left includes examples of careers related to the School's eight full-time programs and, where available, statistics on salary and job availability.

Alumni stories  

We encourage anyone considering attending NBSS or pursuing a related career to view alumni profiles and visit alumni websites for a taste of the many successful career paths available.

Other resources

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