Alumni Websites

Many NBSS alumni open shops and start businesses. Visit alumni websites, organized by discipline to find jewelers, bookbinders, carpenters, preservation carpenters, locksmiths, luthiers, piano tuners and fine furniture makers.

Click on the image below or the directory at the left to view the alumni website lists by discipline. If you are interested in commissioning a student or alumni to do a project for you, learn about the commission process and submit your project here.

     Cabinet and Furniture Making                                                               
     Jewelry Making and Repair
     Piano Technology
     Preservation Carpentry
       Violin Making and Repair
Credits for photos above: books by Claudia Constanzo BB '05, furniture by Dan Faia CF '94, ring by Geraldine Kish Perry JM '00, door by Sarah Purgus PC '10 and Jerome Mace PC '10, and violin by Colin Skofield VM '05 












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