Carpentry students build a house from the ground up.

Building things is what we do at North Bennet Street School — every day. Students build houses from the ground up, shape instruments large and small from raw timbers and create jewelry from precious metals. Respecting the fine artisans of the recent and distant past, students renew old buildings, rebuild grand pianos and fix antique locks. The school is continuously evolving to meet changing technology, career demands and community opportunities.

In this issue:

Tradition and transformation

Miguel Gómez-Ibáñez, president of North Bennet Street School, shares his thoughts on tradition and education at NBSS . Read the essay.


Making it grand (again)

A team of NBSS piano technology students rebuild a grand piano for Old South Church. Read the story.


Corey builds a bass

Third-year student Corey Swan undertakes a super-sized project. Read the story.


Building a house from the ground up

Carpentry students have the rare opportunity to build a house from the ground up. Read the story.


Beyond the full-time programs

The activity at NBSS isn't contained to the full-time programs. Read more.


Restoring sashes for the oldest church in Boston

NBSS preservation carpentry students restore window sashes of the First Parish Church in Dorchester. Read the story.


Evolving with the times

From its begining, North Bennet Street School has responded to the needs of the Boston community. This story/timeline explores the school's evolution from the 1880s to the present. Read the story.

Craft artists, the U.S. economy and the move to online markets

A summary of recent research on craft artists in the U.S. Read more.


A piano for the Lilla Frederick Pilog Middle School

NBSS recently donated a restored grand piano to a Boston public school. Read the story.


Alumni News

Career and life highlights from alumni of NBSS full-time programs. Link to Alumni News.


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