The solar installation at 150 North Street.

Because NBSS is known as a school that teaches traditional skills, people sometimes assume that the school does everything the way it was done 100 years ago. While the principles of the late 19th-century Sloyd system are still at the heart of the NBSS curriculum, the education is far from static. There are new tools and technology in several departments this year and 150 North Street has a new 50 kW solar system on the roof.

In this issue:

The maker movement

Miguel Gómez-Ibáñez, president of NBSS, shares his thoughts on the maker movement. Read the essay.


Going solar

NBSS is the first Race to Solar participant to install a solar energy system and complete energy efficient upgrades.  Read the story.


In memory

A tribute to Bill Garlick who loved all things piano and was a long-time teacher in the NBSS piano technology program. Read the story.


Build your dream

The NBSS carpentry program works with home owners and architects to build residential projects in the Boston area. Read the story.


Made by hand

A recap of the successful spring Annual Evening of Traditional Craft exhibit and event. Read the story.

Many paths

Each student has a unique story—what brought them to NBSS and the support they receive to make their journey possible. Read the story.


2014 Distinguished Alumni Award

The Distinguished Alumni Award is presented to Jeff Refinati, LK '02 . Read the story.

Interning in a world of books

Bookbinding student Marianna Brotherton, BB '14 worked as an intern in the conservation lab at the Boston Public Library. Read the story.


DMT Award of Excellence

A leading manufacuturer of diamond sharpening tools, Diamond Machining Technology, establishes an award. Read the story.


Jewelry department levels up

Support from donors enhances the jewelry department's new space at 150 North Street. Read the story.


A brief history of Paul Revere Pottery

The Saturday Evening Girls and how a pottery business was launched. Read the story.


Piano department upgrades

Hardware and software upgrades enrich the piano technology programs and enhance learning for students. Read the story.


Transitions in the piano technology department

Emily Townsend joins the piano technology faculty replacing Christine Lovgren who retired from NBSS in May 2014. Read the story.


Continuing education as a path to success

The story of Heather Dawson, a recent graduate of the joint NBSS and MassArt furniture design certificate program. Read the story.


Coming events celebrate craft

A series of free public lectures, exhibits and film screenings in the new Windgate Gallery are open to all. Read the story.


Donor profile

The support of Starr Moore, a gemologist and jewelry designer, has enhanced the jewelry department for years. Read the story.


Alumni News

Career and life highlights from alumni of NBSS full-time programs. Link to Alumni News.


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