Graduation 2013

Finishing the requirements for graduation at North Bennet Street School takes hard work, commitment and dedication. At the May 31, 2013 ceremony at Old North Church in Boston, family, friends and the extended school community celebrated the extraordinary achievements of the class of 2013. 

Theodore C. Landsmark, president of Boston Architectural College, was the graduation speaker. Landsmark praised the skills of the graduates and urged them to make time for reflection as they embarked on their new careers. 

The event also included remarks by Charlie Kline, CF ’05, Chairman of the NBSS Board and Miguel Gómez-Ibáñez, NBSS President, the presentation of the Distinguished Alumni Award to Brandon Gordon, PC '02, by Ken Gilbert, BB ’10 and the awarding of diplomas and remarks by Claire Fruitman, Provost.

The crowd erupted into applause at the end of the ceremony and then spilled out of the church into a gorgeous, warm sunny day to continue the celebration with friends and family.  

Program speakers

Miguel Gómez-Ibáñez


Charles L. Kline

Chair of the Board of Directors

Brandon Gordon, PC ‘02

Distinguished Alumni Award
Award Presented by Ken Gilbert, BB '10
President, Alumni Association

Guest Speaker

Theodore C. Landsmark, MED, JD, PhD

President, Boston Architectural College

Claire Fruitman


Class of 2013 

Preservation Carpentry 

Caleb Kimpton Clark
Oliver Fifield
Joshua Giampietro
Andrew William Hayes
Victoria Vieno Jackson
Lam La
Andrew Peter Leyland
Thomas Maloney
David Robert Rosen
Aaron Charles Tardiff
Jesse Turgeon


Philip Melo Benevides
Thomas Ryan Cincotta
Brendan Dean
William Glynn
Robert A. Harrison
Matthew Hebert
Quang H. Lam
Ivan Oliinyk
Lawrence Ricketts
John Paul Sheehan
Alex K. Taylor
Douglas Turnbull
Eric J. Zankowski


Nancy Baker 
Avery Bazemore
Jeanne M. Goodman
Katrina Kiapos
Elizabeth A. Roper
Lauren Nicole Schott
Kevin Sheby

Cabinet and Furniture Making

Boyd William Allen
Nils Berg
Carolyn Bird
John F. D’Ambruoso
Marie K. Delaney
Cris Dicke
Isaac Z. Fay
Charles Hamm
Robert P. Harhen
Richard D. Huhn
Paul Vincent Kennedy
Dongil Kim
Augustus J. Lammers
Sean Joseph Lohmar
Nathalie Marquis
Edward Ryan McCormack
Michael Edward Ogden
James C. Rodgers
P. Alta Tarala
Paul David Whitehead

Violin Making and Repair

Armand Dale Aromin
Garrett Becker

Jewelry Making and Repair

James Allen
Zoe Juanita Beatty
Travis Palmer Dean
Kait Kennedy
Kelly Marie Kinser
Cedar Goldman McKee
Sarah E. Phetteplace
Cyle Cabral Thomas


Kevin A. Amici
Joshua Bradford
Eddy Michel Dacius
Matthew Glick
Andy Hopper
Matthew J. Kirylo
Kenneth M. Murphy
Griffin Myers
Joseph C. Naffah
Mike Richards
Eamon F. Thrall
Daniel Walker
Max Worth

Basic Piano Technology

Timothy K. Dudley
Étienne Fillion
Andrew Cort Gillispie
Deirdre F. Hill
Alexander Edward Moore
Peter Omalyev
David A. Roche
Justin Rose
Donovan Cory Sheets
Panagiotis Tsigkos
Brian Turano
Jonathan Valentine

Advanced Piano Technology

Chun-Yen, Chen
Pamela Ely
Brian G. Hubbell
Charles Hudson
Michael Turano
Keith Ward
Hillary Leighton York
Jiaao Yu


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Graduation address

"The pace of change that we experience today will never be this slow again. Digital communications and social media have made our experience of the world more ephemeral and less grounded in material reality. Very little seems built to last.

The artisanry you have learned here at the North Bennet Street School has prepared you to improve our quality of life by bringing lasting beauty and fine craftsmanship to tangible form. Your work leaves a legacy that can be shared with generations to come.

It’s not easy to enter these fields—often we come to the study of artisanry after we’ve satisfied others’ expectations of what our careers should be. You can be proud as graduates today because you have achieved your passion and your dream of making our world a more beautiful place to live in."

Dr. Theodore Landsmark, president, Boston Architectural College, remarks excerpted from his address at the 2013 graduation.